By singing Ellie, the elephant with our children to observe the Classic Dumbo film, all about the most famous elephant in the world, here in Kaddel, we love elephants.

Did you know that a male elephant is called a bull, and that a male African elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal in the world, measuring up to three meters high and weighs up to six tons? If you want to discover more about these incredible animals, check out our best elephant data.

Have a laugh with this brilliant collection of elephant word games, and if you want it to look more laughter, take a look at these game of crocodile words and these donkey word games.

Elephant pins

These smart elephant word games are the best thing that earns you all week!

1. What is the best talent of an elephant? Multi-tusking!

2. What is great, gray, use a mask and love to sing? The Ele-Ghost of the Opera!

3. Why do you like to use the elephants? Because they will work for peanuts!

4. How are elephants preparing to go swimming? They put their trunks!

5. How do you call an elephant who never takes a bath? A ping-Phant!

6. What do you call a light head elephant? Sleep!

7. Why did the elephant begin a stampede? Because I wanted to be a flock!

8. What is the favorite sport of an elephant? Pumpkin!

9. What is gray, use glass shoes and escaped the ball? Cucillo-elephant!

10. What is gray, happy and delivery Christmas gifts? Elephanta Claus!

11. What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? Nothing, but let out a little wine!

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12. What animals were the last to reach the ark? Elephants: They had to pack their trunks!

13. What do you get when you cross a potato with an elephant? Mashed potatoes!

14. What do giant elephants and redwoods have in common? Both have great trunks!

15. What is gray, has a wand and gives money to small elephants? The fairy of Tusk!

16. What is the largest ant in the world? An elephant!

17. How do you stop an elephant who smells? Tie a knot on your trunk!

18. What do you get when you crosses elephants with fish? Bath Shorts!

Elephants and Technology

Keep the whole family that laughs with these word games about fun elephants and technology.

19. How do you stop an elephant to charge? Take your credit card!

20. How do Elephants communicate? Using the elephant!

21. What do Elephants do to relax? Look at the elevation!

22. Why do elephants do not work on computers? Because they fear the mouse!

23. What do you call a flying elephant? A ham!

24. What do you call a different type of flying elephant? A propeller!

25. What do you call an elephant with rotors in your head? An Olie-Hopter!

26. What do you call an elephant with an antenna in your head? An Elephant-Enna!

Elephant One Liners

Children will love these fun toys from a player from one who are something that are more than irreligate!

27. Hunting elephants are illegal, as ivory, well-known!

28. Did you hear about the elephant who hurt his finger finger and could not walk? I had to call a tow truck!

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29. Did you know that the opinion of an elephant takes a lot of weight?

30. Did you hear about the student elephant who was writing his school work on the computer? It took a long time because there were so many sources ELE-sources to choose from!

Reflections of elephants

Speak like an elephant with these games of hilarious words.

31. What is a saying saying that says? Elephant-Astic!

32. What did the elephant of the mummy told the little elephant when I was naughty? Tusk Tusk.

33. What did the elephant say to his girlfriend? I love you a ton.

34. What did the elephant say to his sad friend? I’m heard for you.

35. What did the elephant say when he saw his friend fly? Now I’ve seen ivorything!

36. What do you call an elephant with an opinion that does not matter? Irreephant!