The Moon has long been a source of fascination by artists, writers and scientists.

Astrology has experienced a wave of interest in recent years, perhaps has even sought their partner or birth letter of children to explore aspects of their personality. Even if you do not buy it totally, a bit of magic and mysticism can be fun, when your baby’s name can mean a glowing star, and there are some beautiful names related to the moon and its cosmic friends, as well as babies names . Inspired by the wind, the sky and the air.

With a moon, he was uploaded with the graphs, keep reading to discover our list of baby names inspired by the moon that may not have heard.

Magic girls names that signify Moon

1. AITNE (Greek origin) One of the many moons of Jupiter.

2. Altalune (Latin origin) meaning ‘on the moon’.

3. Amaris (Hebrew and Irish origin) which means ‘given by God’ in Hebrew and ‘Son of the Moon’ in the old Irish.

4.Astra (Latin origin) meaning ‘of the stars’.

5. Astraea (Greek origin) of Greek mythology, astray was the goddess of justice and innocence, and later became the constellation of Virgo, his name means “star”.

6. Aurora (Roman origin) A Roman goddess whose tears became the morning dew, Aurora is also the term scientific for the famous Boreal Aurora of Aurora Borealis.

7. Ayla (Hebrew origin) which means ‘Moonglow’.

8. Aysel (Turkish origin) super popular in the 80s and 90, this name means ‘flood moon’.

9. Carme (Greek origin) One of Jupiter’s moons, only named in 1975 and named after Carme, the demi-goddess of the harvest, sometimes spelled “Karme”, and is derived from ‘Karma’.

10. Celestial (Latin origin) which means ‘of the heavens, planets or stars’.

11. Celimene (Latin and Greek origin) Celimene was invented by the French dramatist of the 17th century Molére, it is believed to be a mixture of Latin and Greek words, which means Celestial, Luna and Force.

12. Chantara (Jemer Origin) derived from the language of the old Khmer kingdom in Cambodia, which means ‘Water Luna’.

13. Clementine (origin Latin) Clementine was a spacecraft sent to the Moon in 1994, to make observations and gather images of multiple spectras of the surface of the moon.

14. CORDELIA (Latin Origin) Cordelia is the inner moon of Uranus, and also one of the characters of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer worship TV series, for another science fiction angle!

15. Cressida (Greek origin) One of Uranus moons, designed to be created by Shakespeare for his game: ‘Troilus and Cressida’.

16. Deva (Hindi origin) Deva is the name of the goddess of the Hindu moon and means brightness or glow.

17. Diana (Roman origin) Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon.

18. Dione (Greek origin) meaning ‘Divine Queen’ in the ancient Greek, Dione is one of Saturn’s moons, and in Greek mythology, the mother of Aphrodite.

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19. Elara (Greek origin) Another one of the many moons of Jupiter, Elara was also a Greek mythological character.

20. ERSA (Greek origin) Ersa is the goddess of the dew in the morning.

21. Esmeray (Turkish origin) Esmeray means ‘Dark Moon’.

22. Hala (Arab origin) meaning ‘the aura of light around the moon’.

23. Hesper (Greek origin) A Greek name that simply means “star of the night”.

24. Jaci (Origin Tupi-Gurani) The ancient God or Goddess of the Moon, according to the mythology of Tupi-Gurani.

25. Jacira (Origin Tupi-Gurani) Jacira’s name consists of two words of the Tupi language, translating to ‘Luna’ and ‘Honey’.

26. Juliet (Origin English and French) Juliet is one of Uranus moons. The French spelling is Juliette, with an emphasis on the last syllable.

27. Kamaria (African origin) meaning ‘bright as the moon, like the moon’ in Swahili, in some translations is also simply “Light of the Moon”.

28. Lucine (Armenian origin) simply translated from ‘Luna’, you can also spell ‘Lusin’.

29. Luna (Latin origin) Moon is derived from the Latin word ‘Lunatics’, which means lunar. In Spanish and Italian Luna is the direct translation of the Moon. Luna was also the Roman goddess of the moon.

30. Lyra (Greek origin) This constellation in the North Sky was called Lyra, as it is believed to look like Lyre (a small hand harp) of Orpheus.

31. Mahina (Polynesian origin) which means Luna and derived from the goddess of Hawaiian moon Hina. It was said that Hina was so beautiful that she was constantly bothered by all, so she escaped to the moon to finally find some peace and tranquility!

32. Maia (Greek origin) One of the ‘seven sisters’ a group of stars that make up a huge constellation of stars also known as ‘the pleiades’.

33. Mayar (Arabic and Hebrew origin) in Hebrew and Arab translations, it is believed that the mayor means “Moonglow”.

34. Mona (Arabic, ancient English and Irish origin) in ancient English This name simply means’ Luna “, but in Arabic Mona means’ a desire or desire ‘and in its Irish and Gaelic origin, it means” noble or aristocratic “.

35. Nashira (Arab origin) A giant star in Capricorn, the meaning is ‘the bearer of good news’.

36. Neoma (Greek origin) meaning ‘new moon’.

37. Nikini (Origin Sri Lanka) meaning ‘full moon in August’.

38. Meaning of Nokomis (Native American), Daughter of the Moon

39. Pandia (Greek origin) that is believed to be the goddess of the full moon, of the Greek word ‘pandeia’ which means ‘all brightness’

40. Selene (Greek origin) The Greek goddess of the moon, generally represented by mounting a car with two winged horses.

41. Stella (Latin origin) which means ‘Star’

42. Yemoja (African origin) The African goddess of the ocean, who also presides over the moon, and is responsible for pregnant women, is from the Yoruba tribe and takes the form of a siren.

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Names of mystical children that mean Moon

43. Aibek (Turkish origin) A name of Turkish origin, Aibek means ‘The Master of the Moon’.

44. Aku (Babylonian origin) which means ‘Luna God’

45. Apollo (Greek origin) Apollo was the music of God, poetry, light, prophecy and medicine. Apollo 11 was the first (and only!) Manned mission to land on the moon of the earth.

46. ​​Archer (English origin) The image of the archer can be seen between the stars as part of the largest constellation in southern Hemisphere-Sagittarius.

47. Artemis (Greek origin) Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, naming his son after this goddess, he expected him to protect and provide his family.

48. Atlas (Greek origin) The Greek god of travel and astronomy.

49. Badar (Arabic origin) Badar means ‘full moon’.

50. Bilru (Egyptian origin) which means ‘born during a full moon’.

51. Buzz (American origin) Buzz Aldrin gave way to Buzz Lightyear, and therefore, a name that will always be associated with rockets, adventure and the moon!

52. Cosmo (Greek origin) which means ‘related to the world or the universe’.

53. Francis (Spanish origin) One of the many Uranus moons.

54. Galileo (Italian and Latino origin) The famous Renaissance astronomer, could also shorten Leo, another astrological name.

55. IAH (Egyptian origin) The God of the Moon in Egyptian mythology, IAH simply translates into ‘Luna’.

56. Jericho (Hebrew origin) of the Hebrew word ‘Yareakh’ and translates into ‘City of Luna’.

57. Jiemba (Australian aboriginal origin) meaning “laughter” in the language of Wiradjuri, this is in reference to the planet Venus, also known as the morning star.

58. Kalyke (Greek origin) Another of the many moons of Jupiter.

59. Courage (Turkish origin) meaning ‘Ember Moon’.

60. The origin of Luan (Albanian, Gaelic, Vietnamese and Portuguese) is believed to originated in Portugal, where Luan means ‘Luna’, this also has some other assumptions, in Albanian means ‘León’, Vietnamese: “Justice and Ethics “And as a Gaelic name, it means as much ‘dog and warrior’.

61. NARVI (NORSE ORIGIN) One of Saturn’s moons, and also has the trilogy of the Lord of Tolkien rings.

62. Neil (Gaelic origin) Neil Armstrong was the first man to put one foot on the moon, we could not leave neil out of the list!

63. Oberon (English origin) As with all Uranus moons, Oberon is a character from one of Shakespeare’s works, in this case, he was king of the fairies in ‘a dream of summer nights’.

64. Orion (Greek origin) One of the brightest constellations in the night sky.

65. Qamar (Arab origin) simply means ‘Luna’.

66. QUICAY (Scottish origin) which means ‘Luna Light’.

67. Sao (Japanese origin) Sao is one of the 14 Nephine moons.

68. Saros (Babylonian and Greek Origin) of the term “Saros Cycle”, which is the name given to the period of time used to predict eclipses, both Lunar and Solar.

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69. Titan (Greek origin) Titan is Saturn’s largest moon, Titan was also the first generation of gods, who ruled before the Olympians.

70. Tuncay (Turkish origin) meaning ‘Bronze Moon’.

71. ZENITH (Arabic origin) ZENITH is the highest point of the celestial sphere, a complex tool used by astronomers to cartular positions and angles of the planets.

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72. Ariel (Hebrew origin) Ariel is the brightest moon in Uranus.

73. Hadley (English origin) that bears the name of the English mathematician John Hadley, is from the mountains on the Moon, and was the landing site for Apollo 15 expedition.

74. Hoku (Hawaiian origin) Hoku simply means ‘star’.

75. Hunter (English origin) The hunter’s moon is the first moon that appears after the harvest moon, generally in October.

76. Ilkay (Turkish origin) which means ‘New Luna’.

77. Indu (Indian origin) in Sanskrit, INDU translates into ‘bright drop’ and is another way of saying a moon.

78. IO (Greek origin) IO (pronounced Eye-Oh) is Jupiter’s largest moon, and also the star of the 2019 science fiction film of the same name.

79. Jura (Celtic origin) Jura is a mountain range, both here on earth and the road to the moon.

80. Lux (Latin origin) A name of Latin origin, Lux simply means ‘light’, a fresh and simple name for your little one.

81. Mars (French origin) The name of the Roman God of War, and also the daughter of Erykah Babu.

82. Mika (Australian origin Aboriginal) which means ‘Luna’ and ‘Month’ in the language of Nyungar.

83. Luna (ancient English and Latin origin) Maybe a bit on the nose, but the moon could be a magnificent name, evoking the ethereal full moon itself. Frank Zappa famous named his moon unit to his daughter, and she says she has always loved her name!

84.Nov (Greek origin) A type of star that after shining suddenly, will vanish, as a distant fireworks.

85. NYX (Greek origin) NYX was the goddess of the night and daughter of chaos.

86. Phoenix (Greek origin) The robotic spacecraft that was sent to explore Mars, the word Phoenix means “deep red”.

87. Rook (English origin) Montes Rook is a mountain range that is located from our side of the moon to the farthest side, named after the English astronomer Lawrence Rook.

88. Seven (Hebrew origin) which means ‘completion and perfection’, seven of nine is also a character of Star Trek.

89. Solo (English origin) An intergalactic name for any Star Wars enthusiast: Parents should be!


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