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We are firm believers that a good joke must send you in orbit.

Then, we are committing it with a selection of stars of 59 astronaut jokes that are guaranteed to rock their world. Better buckle and prepare to disappear!

Knights of astronauts and jokes of a lining for children

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Be careful not to spat now, or these fun words games can go to your head.

1. You are an astronaut, because you are out of this world.

2. I have two best friends. One is an astronaut, but I like the other better since he is more on earth.

3. I had a girlfriend who was an astronaut, but she finished the relationship. She said she needed space.

4. I have a friend of my astronaut a huge rocket for the night of the bonfire. I knew I would be on the moon with him.

5. I knew an astronaut who was in a race to see who could reach the moon the fastest. He lost his race to give him a constellation prize.

6. I have read about the first cow astronaut. It is landed on the moooooon.

7.In astronaut, he told me that there are some crazy insects on the Moon. They are called Luna-Ticks.

8. I have never liked the astronauts, they think they are above me.

9. He was trying to have a serious conversation with an astronaut, but she did not seem to understand the severity of the situation.

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jokes about the favorite things of astronaut

We know astronauts as things that are clear years before your time, but what are your star options?

10. What is the favorite day of an astronaut? Day of the moon.

11. What is the favorite thing of an astronaut to read? Comet Books.

12. What is the favorite music application of an astronaut? Neptune

13. What are astronauts Favorite Chocolate Types? Mars bars and milky ways.

14. What is the favorite animal of an astronaut? Snail-ENS.

15. What is the beverage of an astronaut? Gravi-tea.

16. What is the favorite time of an astronaut to eat? Lunch time.

17. What is the favorite key of an astronaut on the keyboard? The space bar.

18. What is the favorite food of an astronaut? Rocket chips.

19. What is the favorite dance of an astronaut? The Moonwalk.

20. What is the favorite magazine of an astronaut? Cosmo

21. What is an astronaut’s favorite cafeteria? Starbucks.

22. What is the favorite board game of an astronaut? Luna-Opoly.

23. What is the favorite place of an astronaut to have fun? Cape Carnival.

Funny jokes about things that are eating astronauts and drink

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Fuel is important for astronauts in outer space. They can not survive in thin air.

24. Why was not astronaut hungry? She had had a great launch.

25. Why are there no astronauts enjoying eating at restaurants on the moon? They do not have atmosphere.

26. What kind of dishes do astronauts use? UFOs.

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27. Where astronauts maintain their sandwiches? In launch boxes.

28. How are astronauts eat your ice cream? In floats.

29. Why did astronaut launch a hamburger in a comet? To make it flesh-eor.

30. What do diets do astronauts in the pub? Sateli-Lite beer.

31. What do you call astronauts that are not vegetarian? Meteors

32. What is used for astronaut sandwiches? Throw meat and rocket

‘What did astronaut say’ jokes

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Fun astronauts are always good E-Quip-Ped.

33. What did astronaut told your dentist? I have a black hole.

34. What did the astronaut say when he saw a green extraterrestrial? Better wait until it is mature.

35. What did the astronaut told the doctor just before taking off? Time to get my reinforcement shot.

36. What did astronaut say to Saturn? Give me a ring.

37. What did astronaut told her boyfriend? Shake my world.

38. What did astronaut told the rocket? You are an explosion.

Jokes of more fun astronauts for children.

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If you still have the space of the head, the jokes of the cosmic comedy proportions are yours to conquer.

39. What do astronauts do when they want to have a party? Planet.

40. How do astronauts say sorry? They apolo-gisease.

41. Why is it very well in mathematics? Because you can count to infinity and beyond.

42. What happens when astronauts are naughty? They are grounded.

43. How is an astronaut cut on the moon? Eclipse.

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44. What do you do if you see a spaceman? Park in it.

45. Where the astronauts leave their spaceships? In parking meteors.

46. ​​How do you get an astronaut baby to sleep? Your rocket

47. Why does Mickey Mouse join NASA? I wanted to find Pluto.

48. Where is the Astronaut Train? In Universe-Iity.

49. Why could not the astronaut from reserving a room at the hotel on the moon? I was full.

50. Where did the astronauts go on your appointment? To the space bar.

51. How are the astronauts to sleep? They move

52. Why was the astronaut using the computer? To update your space book status.

53. What did the police astronaut told the three-headed extraterrestrial? Hello Hello hello.

54. How do astronauts stop your space spaces falling? With asteroid belts.

55. Why do astronauts play golf in outer space? There are too many black holes.

56. How to build walls of astronauts at the International Space Station? With beams of the moon.

57. What do you call the mustache of an astronaut? Space hair.

58. What NASA award gives the Astronaut faster to address the spacecraft? The company Starship.

59. How astronaut do your cleaning? With a vacuum.