Enigmas are an incredible way to shake your thought and use your creative mind.

We make children think differently by involving your troubleshooting brain. Rhyme enigmas are very fun and easy to remember, so children will have a great fun challenging their friends once they manage to work the answers.

Rhymes and enigmas are an excellent way to be linked as a family, since everyone works together to try to resolve the answer to an enigma. When children resolve the answer on their own, they love the feeling they get, and it is a brilliant impulse for their self-esteem. Our enigmas and answers below must be your first stop in your search for the best enigas that Riman.

Riddle of objects rhymes

Look around and you can find the answers to these enigmas that rhyme if they think very carefully.

1. I stamme, but do not press me a foot. Within me, place letters for mail delivery.


2. Look at me a lot I’m sorry when you feel sad, and I love looked happy if you feel happy.


3. I am standing up and can be very great. My secret is not hidden, it’s at hand.


4. I can be all colors or no color at all, sometimes I am empty, and others am full.


5. You use me from your head to Toe, more work, the smallest I grow up.

One bar of soap

6. Draw a picture with my advice, if you do not know the answer, you could get a little. I break a lot, and I’m surprised a little, one day there will be nothing of me: nothing, null.


7. It often has a window, and a seal, when you need to seal me, make my back wet.


8.It are shorter than all the rest, when you are happy, you raise it, as if it were the best.


9. I am found on the faces of the people, I am something you use, I help correct your sight and I come in a pair.


10. Hide what is real and hidden what is true, sometimes I solve the courage in you.

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11. If your windows above are dirty, and outside, they should be cleaned, you will use me to upload and reach them, once against the wall that I am supported.


Riddle of nature that Rhyme

These natural rhymes and rhymes are a challenge to answer, even if you spend most of your free time exploring the outdoors.

12. Scope the sky, the naked fingers when the cold. In the heat, I put a emerald glove, between orange and gold.


13. I am small, but in me the power lies to change my shape and substance to a much larger size.

A seed

14.Red, orange, yellow and green. The king could never reach me, and not even the queen. Blue and violet are also seen, some shaded enters.


15. After a fall, I decide to take control. Then life begins to paralyze, or begins to grow slower.


16. Touch the earth and the sky. If I touch you, you’ll probably die.

Flash of lightning

17. Live in oceans, rivers and seas. Float, when I’m cold, when I’m hot, I’m free.


18.No for an elephant, or one for clothes, but I am a trunk and I grow up and I grow up.

Tree trunk

19. I have an eye, but I can not see. You will run to take refuge when I notice.


20. Although I am made of blades, I am something that loves to grow. I’m not acute like a knife, I’m something you can cut.


21. I am very thin and flat, on a branch that I will find. When I am an expiration, you will find me falling on the floor.

A leaf

22. If someone is floating from the doors, their arms and feet are moving. There will be a good chance that they are swimming in _______.


23. You will hear you will rumble after the flashes of lightening. They called him after Thor, who is the Nordic God of this thing.


24. You can see my effects, however, I will never see it, I come after the cross, the twist and the wood and come before mill, sock and screen.

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Riddle of animals rhymes

If you love your hairy best friend, you will have the advantage when answering these rhyming windings.

25. Some say I smell but I like to be clean. If you get into my mud, it could be quite bad.


26. I am warm and diffuse, but I did not hug me. Mild me then run (even through puddles). I am brown, or black, and even Grizzly. I’m going to swallow your barbecue if your sausages are partial.


27.Buzzing Little Hummer, I’m busy all summer. There is no time to avoid, no man is able to do my job.


28. I am a bit of pellet that stays in a cage, I look young forever, regardless of my age. I am a bit like a rat, but my cheeks are more fat.


29. I am the largest mammal, most of the other fish let me be. I can shoot the water in my head, when I sleep, I do not need a bed.


30. In a tree I move so slowly as possible, my name is a sin, still of them, I am free.


31st warrior in flowers with a sword, will use it if he must, to defend his treasure gold.


32. Unscrew on my feet, driving angry dogs. My tail moves when I’m angry, it buzzes me if I’m glad.


33. I like to jump on my four green feet, but sadly they are my legs, that the French love to eat.


34. Live in Africa, and high trees that picked up. For most, I am well known for my extremely long neck.


35. A stallion is the man of me, a woman named mare. You could get to ride on the carousel at the fair.


Mathematics Ryming Riddles

Even large mathematicians could fight to respond to these die-cutting rolling children, do you think you have what you need to find one or more of the answers?

36.Jasper, Tom and Flynn had 29, 19 and 15 beans, now you can help them find the average?

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37. You will find me in the curve, or in a triangle at the end.

An angle

38.Superfaces? Of those I have six, each one is exactly the same, you will not find a mix.

A cube

39. Some say that two and two are always four, but how can these numbers become eighteen?

When you write 22.

Science Ridal Riddles

These enigmas of science that Rhyme are not easy to answer, but it is possible that you have a shot in the answer if you like science.

40. I am not a gas or solid, but something more unique, I am the water you find flowing through a river or stream.

A liquid

41. Can you see me? Usually, you can not. I can surround you, and surround you to your aunt!


42. The attendees are cold, but the stars are definitely regulated. You could spy on a Twister or two in the area of ​​science that I choose to do.


43. I can be smooth and difficult, you can keep me in your hand like a rock on Earth.

A solid

44. I am the smallest unit, do I need to say more? There is nothing more than that.

An atomo.

45.Dinner plates and many coins, pizza bases and rings. It is also the letter that comes after n, what form are all these things?


Riddle Abstract Ryming

By far, the most difficult riddles to respond, these rhymes are all about things that we can not touch.

46. ​​I can be cracked, and also played. Sometimes they tell me, and often it is done.

A joke

47.Por Luna or Sol, I will always find myself, but I am undone if there is no light around.


48. Make people fear, and it has been said that I go out of your ears. Quiet as a mouse, and not welcome in the house.


49. You saw me where it could not be, however, often you see me.


50. The one seems, the less you will see. Acigam me this then, what could it be?