The language of Cornwall, despite being spoken by only 1% of the population, is a large part of the identity of the county.

Cornwall is known for its beautiful beaches, the wild coast and summer stays, but it is also the perfect place to draw inspiration for babies names! We have gathered a list of some of the best names of children in Cornwall for you to choose, with the meaning of each name and how to pronounce.

Then, either the form of Cornwall of popular British names, such as James or George, or names derived from places of Cornwall, Landmarks and Saints, there are many bright names to choose from.

Inspired by the robust and awesome landscape of Cornwall? We also have the perfect list of names related to nature so that children inspire him.

1. Arthek.

Pronunciation: ardth-ek

This is an old name of Cornish that comes from ‘Arto’, which means Bear.

2. Arthyen.

Pronunciation: Arth-yen

Similarly, this means ‘Bear Born’ and is the Cornwall version of the GALSH ‘Arthen’.

3. Austol

Pronunciation: os-tal

Austol was a Holy Breton who visited Cornwall and is where the city of San Austell was named in his honor.

4. Benesek.

Pronunciation: Ben-Esck

“Blessed” meaning, this name is the equivalent of Cornwall of the Latino ‘Benedict’. The etymology of ‘Benedict’ can be broken down as ‘Bene’: which means ‘Well’ – and ‘Dictate’ – meaning ‘Speak’, and as such, it is believed that the name means “well spoken”.

5. Boult.

Pronunciation: Boo-Lt

A name of Cornwall Mans who was inspired by ‘Pericles’, the game of Shakespearian.

6. Brae.

Pronunciation: Bray.

Cornish for ‘Hill’ or ‘Borderland’, Brae or Bray was popular in parts of France, as well as Cornwall.

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7. Branek.

Pronunciation: brand-ok

Meaning ‘crow’ or ‘raven’ This name is the form of Cornwall of the Celtic word ‘brane’.

8. Breok.

Pronunciation: Bree-HK

A prince known for his courage and strength, St. Breok is also a civil parish and village located in the Country of Cornwall. It is believed that Breock is from Cornwall for ‘Brioc’, which is Celtic for ‘powerful’.

9. Cadan.

Pronunciation: CADE-in

Coming from the words ‘Cadell’ and ‘Kaden’, this is Cornwall for battle or partner.

10. Cador.

Pronunciation: kahd-ohr

The meaning of this name is ‘Cornish King’, which comes from the very dear Duke of Cornwall, also a direct relative of King Arthur. The origin of the name is from the British word “CAD”, which means “Battle”, and “Wur”, which means “man”.

11. Carantok.

Pronunciation: Ka-Ran-Tohk

Coming from Celtic ‘Karant’, Carantok is Cornwall for a friend.

12. Carey.

Pronunciation: Kare-y

Cornwall for ‘El Beloved’.

13. Casworon.

Pronunciation: Kas-Wo-Ren

This is an old word of Cornwall means ‘Battle Hero’.

14. clemo.

Pronunciation: Clem-o

A shortening of Clement, this name of the men of Cornwall is translated as “soft” or “merciful”.

15. CONAN.

Pronunciation: co-nan

Conan was a legendary King of Cornwall, and a bishop of Truro, and the name comes from Celtic for “High” or “Great”.

16. Costeentyn.

Pronunciation: cos-tent-in

The equivalent of Cornwall of the name Constantin, the names come from the words for “stable” or “constant”.

17. Cum o Curnow

Pronunciation: cu-mow

Perhaps the name of the last child of Cornwall, both variations mean ‘from Cornwall’.

18. Denzil or Denzel

Pronunciation: DENZ-IL

A popular name derived from a place in Cornwall, near the Bay of Watergate.

19. Diggory.

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Pronunciation: digg-ory

The name of an unusual Cornwall Child meaning “not found” or “lost”.

20. Edern.

Pronunciation: ed-ern

The Cornwall version of Latin for ‘Eternal’, which was a popular name through Wales, Cornwall and Breton.

21. ENYON.

Pronunciation: en-yen

A respected ruler of Cornwall, ENYON is derived from ‘Annianus’ Latino, which means belonging to, or decided by: Annius.

22. Goron.

Pronunciation: Gore-on

The CORNUAL Form of Celtic ‘Kawaro’, this name means ‘Hero’ in the vocabulary of Cornwall.

23. Hedrek.

Pronunciation: HEDR-ECK

It comes from the Celtic word that means ‘bold’.

24. Jago.

Pronunciation: jay-goh

This is the equivalent of Cornwall of ‘James’, which means ‘the supplanter’.

25. Jory.

Pronunciation: jor-y

The shape of Cornwall of ‘George’.

26. Jowan.

Pronunciation: Joh-Wann

The name of a child of Cornwall that means ‘God is kind’ or ‘God has given’. This is the version of Cornwalls of ‘John’: a popular name with strong biblical connections.

27. Kenver.

Pronunciation: Ken-see

This name is translated as ‘a great leader’.

28. Kenwyn.

Pronunciation: Ken-Win

In the vocabulary of Cornwall, Kenwyn means “splendid chief”, and is the name of a town near Truro.

29. Kitto.

Pronunciation: Kit-to

Meaning ‘Bearer of Christ’ This is the equivalent of Cornwall of Christopher. Saint Christopher is designed as the patron saint of travelers.

30. Lanyon.

Pronunciation: Lan-yen

A name that means a ‘cold lake’ or ‘cold pool’, the name has been derived from a place in the parish of Madron, located near Penzance. The etymology of this name is ‘Lyn’, which means ‘Pool’, and ‘Yeyn’ – which means ‘cold’.

31. Lowen.

Pronunciation: Low-in

The name of this Chico de Cornwall is derived from the word “cheerful”.

32. Maban

Pronunciation: Mah-Bann

In the vocabulary of Cornwall, Maban means simply ‘child’.

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33. Massen.

Pronunciation: Mass-in

This name is the equivalent of Cornwall of Maximus, which means “greater”.

34. Merryn.

Pronunciation: Mer-Ryn

A Saint of Cornwall, St. Merryn is also a Cornwall place name, which is located on the north coast, close to Padstow.

35. Opie.

Pronunciation: o-pee

This name translates as similar to ‘Almighty God’.

36. Penrose

Pronunciation: Pen-pink

An old name of Cornish meaning ‘the end’ or ‘the top’. Coming from the Celtic language, ‘Pen’ means ‘Top’ and ‘Ros’ means ‘Heath’ or ‘Moorland’. This name can shorten ‘Penn’ by an unusual nickname

37. Pascoe or Pascow

Pronunciation: paask-o

A name of Cornwall derived from ‘Pascal’, both variations are related to Easter or Easter, and it was a popular name option until the mid-1700 decade.

38. Peran

Pronunciation: PE-RAN

Baby name meaning ‘little dark’.

39. Piran.

Pronunciation: Pier-An

An old name of Cornish inspired by St. Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall.

40. Rowse.

Pronunciation: row-se

Name of Cornwall that means ‘of The Heathland’

41. Ruan.

Pronunciation: Roo-an

Which means coming from Ruan Lanihorne, a town of Cornwall and a civil parish. In Gaelic, Ruan means “little red”, converting it into the perfect choice for a redhead.

42. Saint

Pronunciation: Sahn-trailer

A charming and diminutive cuckold of the always popular Alexander.

43. Tremaine or Tremayne

Pronunciation: tri-may-ne

Name of Cornwall for a ‘Rock Settlement’.


Pronunciation: Tri-Stan

A name of Cornwall that means ‘the noisy’.

45. Zennor.

Pronunciation: zen-o

A name, named after a village of remote and savage Cornwall located at West Cornwall, and the place of origin for the legend of the Zennor mermaid. Zennor is one of the names of Cornwall babies that is unisex.